Infokus – Wedding Photographer Cork

Wedding photography is something that comes naturally to me, I like to keep it very simple blending into your wedding day and capturing the moments that unfold in front of me that tell a story of your wedding day. Letting your day run smooth and fluid is must with me as when your day is running on its own pace and not being over-directed by a photographer, then i can soak in and capture those true moments that tell the story of your wedding day through my photography. I’m working very light letting me blend in with your guests, with 2 cameras attached to me, dressed to fit into your wedding I photograph and capture your day in a non-obstructive way, blending in and almost passing for a guest.


People often ask me what is the best location to photograph a wedding and I always answer the same, wedding photography is not about a location its about people. Soaking into someone’s wedding days lets me capture the real day, a day that is full of emotion, a day where smiles, tears, happiness, and excitement all roll into the category of Happy!


I have been lucky to have worked as a full-time wedding photographer for the past 14 years, getting to see this stunning country whilst still doing a job that is my calling, planning is the most important aspect of making sure your day will run at its own pace, I have a saying and method that I work to and its, ‘We plan so you feel there isn’t a plan for your wedding day” Your wedding day will take its own direction and I blend and become part of that day, taking photos and enjoying the celebration going on around me and telling a story with beautiful photography that will be seen by generations.

Why not get in contact if you are having a wedding in cork so we can discuss your options to capture those special moments.