About Us

Hello, I’m Keith, a full time wedding photographer covering Cork and Waterford!

I live in Waterford with my wife Sherise and our dogs Ambera and Brogie. Funnily enough, and quite fitting, Ambera, our gorgeous dog, was rescued while we were on our own honeymoon in Italy. After seeing her running around on her own, and knowing she had no home to go to, we knew what we had to do! It was no easy feat, but since bringing her back to Ireland, we haven’t looked back. She has a very special place in our hearts!




As for me and my background, I studied film in college, but have always been drawn to photographing people and emotion. I have now been working in the industry for over 15 years. Through this time, I realised wedding photography is definitely the sweet spot for me. It is where my true passion lies.

Along side photography, what takes up most of my time?

I love walking Ambera and Brogie along some of the most gorgeous coast lines in Waterford. We love exploring and going on adventures to find quieter beaches, forests and mountains. Here, with the dogs off their leads, I can take out my camera and get snapping, or have a play around with my drone. I love Ireland, and the stunning backdrop it gives me on a daily basis.


Next, it has to be travelling. Travelling gives me new fresh ideas, colour inspiration and encourages me to be even more creative. When I am away, it is my time to experiment with my cameras, and continue to learn and grow in my profession. Whether it is a break to Thailand staying in huts off the beaten track, or glamping around Ireland, it is one of my passions.

Glamping Ireland PhotographyYou may be starting to see a pattern here… photography is my career, but it is my hobby too. I like to bring it into all aspects of my life.

Lastly… I am a big foodie! I love exploring the culture of food, and getting creative with it myself. My favourite thing to do when I am in Thailand is to find the local markets, and explore the local cuisine through street food.

Professional Wedding Photographer

My Wedding Photography

You will see from my shots, I take an non-directive approach. I want to blend into the crowd. In short, you’ll barely know I am there.  This allows for natural shots, which really captures the essence of your day. Soaking into someone’s wedding day lets me capture real moments as they happen. My aim is to tell the story of your wedding day through pictures, one that you can tell for many years to come.

With the experience I have gained through the years, I know when and where to be to capture your wedding story! I understand the flow of your day, and ensure that this is not interrupted. I know when to stay in the background to capture moments from afar, and when to step up and sort group or couple photos if necessary.

Infokus Wedding Photography has been recognised as one of the top wedding photography specialists in Ireland, an accomplishment beyond my wildest dreams. A combination of hard work, inspiration and a desire for perfection is what has resulted in these photography awards.

Get in touch to find out more about myself and the Infokus studio… and get one thing ticked off your very long wedding to-do list!

That is enough about me for now, but I will finish up with one of my favourite quotes: