Carmel & Niall Tower Hotel Wedding

Carmel & Naill –  Tower Hotel Wedding. 

The Waterford Walls were the setting for the boys shoot on the morning of their wedding, Waterford walls has become a festival weekend in Waterford and every year see’s different murals sprayed and rolled onto walls of old buildings and the streets of Waterford, it has added a great colourful backdrop to the city and a very cool backdrop for that mornings shoot – Niall took along his guitar and played a few tunes for us. whilst the boys were hanging out in town, the girls morning was in full swing in Carmel’s house, The house was like a busy Salon with the Bride, Bridesmaids, Nanny, Mammy, friends – This is my perfect scenario as I can blend in and become invisible, letting me see and capture all those special moments and there were lots of beautiful moments that morning in Caramel’s house, Her mother a florist prepared all the flowers and suprised Carmel with her wedding flowers, Carmel was overjoyed and so happy to have her mother prepare her flowers. 

After a near slip on the mat in the church, Carmel was walked up the aisle to Nial by her Dad. Kilmacow Church is a stunning Church with a beautiful painting on the wall that you will see in the photographs. After the church, we went back to Carmel’s home where we had planned to use the orchard that has been in Caramel’s family for generations as the location for our couple portraits, this along with a country lane was a perfect and personal setting for the bride and groom couple photos which will also be shown to the next generation, and I’m sure the laneway and orchard will be the same in 20 years as is now. 

At the meal, there was a surprise for Niall and Caramel and that was the singing chef who arrives out drunk and singing terribly until he finds his voice and then it’s like Andrea Bocelli and the shock on people faces are priceless, speeches were made and lots of fun moments and happy tears photographed here. To finish the night Carmel danced the night away with her groom, her dad, and all the bridesmaids – this was one of those weddings you walk away from 12 hrs later with as much energy as when i started as people’s good humor is infectious