Waterford Castle Wedding – Rawan & Bryce

Waterford Castle was the setting for this beautiful wedding for Rawan and Bryce, both from America. They travelled with their family and friends from the USA to celebrate their Waterford Castle wedding. With over 310 acres of private island, Waterford Castle is an ideal location for a wedding in Waterford, the south east of Ireland. Luckily enough the rain stayed away to have the Humanist service outside. The castle as a stunning backdrop to this lovely ceremony which was celebrated by their personal friend.

The Morning

The girls had their hair and makeup done in one of the timeless rooms in the castle. It really is the perfect room to start the preparations for the day. Fit for a queen some might say. I like to work very discreetly and like to be more a fly on the wall. I like to capture the story of the girls morning as it unfolds naturally in front of me. The excitement was definitely building. The morning shoots are always full of emotion.

The Ceremony

While the girls were upstairs the hotel wedding staff were beautifully arranging the chairs and setting up for the wedding downstairs . The florist, Lamber de Bia, was arranging the flowers, all the time checking the sky and willing it not to rain. Amazingly, it didn’t. Rawan was led in by her nephews in their tuxedos walking ahead of the beautiful bride. On Rawan’s side and holding her close was her brother who walked her to meet her new husband to be Bryce.

Their friend, the celebrant, gave a lovely ceremony keeping it personal but yet quite funny at times. Impressively, the rings were delivered by a hawk and delivered to the top of the aisle to Rawan’s brother’s hand and then passed to the celebrant – it was perfect. As the bride and groom walked back out the rain came down – perfect timing! A wonderful and beautiful ceremony. In between showers we nipped out in the golf buggy and took some lovely couple portraits on the grounds of the castle. I hate to take the bride and groom away for too long, so I was sure to have them back in 20 minutes to continue the celebrations.

The Party

After their meal, the dancing started, which was followed by fireworks display. The guests were asked to come outside and the beautiful and dramatic firework display by “NAME” began with lots of excitement from the wedding party. That was my time to sign off and take the ferry off the beautiful island of Waterford Castle.

It was truly a beautiful Waterford Castle wedding… it never ceases to impress me!