Stacey & Gareth

Stacey & Gareth – Tulfarris house Co Wicklow

Stacey & Gareth’s weddings was on December 27th and the sky’s were as clear as a summers day – this wedding spanned across 2 counties, getting married in Nass, Co Kildare and going to Tulfarris house in Co Wicklow for they’re wedding reception. This was my first time here and such a scenic location in the heart of the Wicklow countryside, as i left to drive home a large deer just strolled across the road as if I was on his road, which i probably was.

Stacey’s house was a busy one that morning with the girls having hair and makeup done and stacey’s young baby relying on his Mam also but Stacey did it all in her stride. This wedding was all about family, Gareth and Stacy’s young family and both their familys and friends around them, Stacey arrived fashionably late with her Dad on her side and took the long aisle of Caragh Church in Naas, Co Kildare to meet her companion of almost 20 years Gareth. Stacey’s young niece and nephew played the violin as Stacey and her father walked into a church full of family and friends. After the church, we went across the county to Tulfarris house in Co Wicklow, as its Christmas and temperatures are down it’s important to have family photos planned before, I always have 2 people on either side of the family to assist with getting both family’s together – this only takes about 15 mins and everyone is happy to have it over pretty fast and get back to mulled wine and canapes. I seem to pick up golf buggies everywhere I go and that didn’t change here as i got a buggy from the staff and picked up the bride and groom and the videographer and off we went as quick as possible and took some beatiful portraits of the bride and groom and finished off photographing Stacey & Gareth with the sun setting behind them and the stunning landscape of Wicklow. i had lots of smiles hearing the boys speeches, I took some photos of the speeches and said goodbye to the lads and took the beautiful road home, even waved off by a wild deer.