Stephanie & Anne – Faithlegg Wedding

Stephanie & Anne – Faithleg House Hotel 

Stephanie and Anne’s wedding was one of my first same-sex weddings and was held in the stunning faithleg house Hotel in Waterford. When meeting clients to plan they’re wedding I always say to the male to not feel left out as this meeting will be 95% about the bride and 5% about the groom, 99% of grooms are happy to hear this 🙂 this wedding with these 2 beautiful ladies was somewhat different as I needed to give both 50% each. Both girls got ready in Faithleg house on the same floor in 2 separate suites and I divided my morning going from one room to the next sharing out my time between the 2 ladies and their bridal parties – each room was full of excitement for the day ahead – the sun was shining outside and the ceremony room was being prepared downstairs from the staff and faithleg, the girls had informed me that they were having a first look before coming down to meet their guests – I was discretly positioned in the hallway as the girls came out of there sepeate rooms to see each other for the first time. It was a lovely moment, I shot a couple of photographs from the distance given the girls their privacy. 

The ceremony was a humanist service and a ceremony designed around the individuality of both brides, this was held in the Minon room in faithleg house hotel, a beautiful room with windows running across the back and side of the room giving lots of natural light. This service was about 40 mins and the girls walked out to meet and greet almost 200 guests who they celebrated their day with. Both girls had asked for some large group shots to be taken of them with their GAA teams and plus family photos so I worked with contacts for each group and had these taken in 15 mins as we had already discussed these at a previous meeting and put contacts in place for me to lease with. then as I always do in Faithleg I get the golf buggy and scoot out the surrounding areas with the girls and take some portraits in a relaxed way, having some laughs and capturing real moments. within 15 mins I had the girls back with their guest and to their wedding. This was another wedding I walked away from 12 hours later after the first dances with as much energy as I started.