Want to do your own makeup? By Dawn of glamour by Dawn

First of all I need to stress that I think every bride should hire a makeup artist to make her feel like royalty on her big day. It is the one day where you not only want to feel but look your absolute best.  That said, even Kate Middleton did her own makeup, and it turned out beautifully.  ( Although she had the best in the business supervise her while doing so !!!)

The big key is do not over think things and go out to the counters and spend €’s on 10 different items that you probably won’t even use. Simple and straightforward products that will keep a good place in your makeup bag even after the big day, that’s what you want!   Now whether you’re having in you own locality or jetting off to warmer climates – take good care of your skin especially in the lead up to the wedding and follow this tips and it will help you achieve a gorgeous radiant look for your big day!

1-       A good primer to prep the skin.  My big faves are Laura Mercier or Smashbox’s photo finish.

2-       Apply primer over any textured areas (breakouts, wrinkles, uneven surfaces, etc.) or areas that tend to get oily throughout the day. Then apply a light layer foundation ( build up coverage if necessary) Oil Free foundation tends to give better coverage.  For warmer climates, try a tinted moisturize instead.

3-       Conceal any visible blemishes or broken blood vessels with a good concealer.  Focus on under the eye and the sides of your nostrils.  Less is more when applying concealer, remember this.

4-       Now it’s time for the eyes!! I am fan of a classic timeless look, always love a abit of liquid black line on the upper lash line, but unless you are have a good steady hand, or well used to this then opt instead for using a black or brown pencil and smudge in toward the lash line.  This also gives the look of fuller thicker lashes.
For shadow, pick a neutral palette, preferably one with browns, bronzes or golds. These are complementary colours which will draw out the colour in your eyes.  Try and go easy on any shimmery or glittery shades as this is bad for pictures.  The key here is to blend very well so there are no harsh or visable lines.

5-       Finally, curl your lashes and apply mascara.  WATERRPROOF all the way!!! I always like to finish with the additon of some natural looking individual lashes, if you dare try these then they give a lovely opened eyed look.  If not, just go with an extra coat of mascara.


6-       For that blushing bride look – when applying blush don’t be afraid of it, always  go just a step above your comfort zone; the amount of blush most people wear every day won’t show in your pictures You can also add more long-lasting oomph by applying a cream blush first and then after applying powder just lightly dust the apples of your cheeks with your blusher.


7-       Set your makeup with a light all-over dusting of translucent powder.  Always handy to keep blotting paper close by too to avoid any shine.


8-       For the lips, keep it natural. Or if you choose to wear a colour, wear it a few times before the big day so you get used to the colour.  Line the lips and use a long lasting lip colour and tip with a little gloss.


Remember PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE By Dawn of glamour by Dawn


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