Your wedding day is finally here. You are getting ready for the biggest day of your life and it’s such an amazing time. You have your favourite people around you, floral decoration, food, bar and your wedding planner is attending to all the incredible details and moments you have invested in.  Finally, it is that long-anticipated moment of your first kiss as married! As a professional wedding photographer in Munster, I know what it takes for the perfect shots for this moment, and from a photographer’s perspective, I know how to nail it perfectly! Why not get an experienced wedding photographer Munster to cover your wedding? Read on to see why you should trust me as your wedding photographer.


Know Your Wedding Photographer


Im Keith, an experienced full time wedding photographer and have been for the past 18 years. I know how to see the best moments from the day and capture it for a lifetime. I want you to enjoy my presence at your wedding, discreetly taking photographs and fading into your wedding day.

My style of photograph is candid and creative. I will deliver you with beautiful wedding images that combine documentary style with creative wedding photography. It’s about depicting real emotion, love, laughter and romance.

Look through some of my creative and documentary wedding photography or browse with the keyword – ‘wedding photographer Munster’, you would get some idea of my work. The people, the smiles, the nods and winks and the tears and joy- all photographed with clarity and integrity. Beautiful photography is a must when it comes to your big day, so I have produced some of the best wedding photographs in my gallery for you to check out. Visit my website and look at some of the best photographs from the gallery.


Wedding Photographer Munster


It is no secret that Munster boasts of many breathtaking beautiful wedding venues in the country – between hotels to private island gateways, you’re really spoiled for choice in this amazing province! Whatever your wedding venue, I will make    stunning wedding photographs for you that tell a beautiful story of your day. I aim never to compromise on the quality of the images, regardless of the package. I just want your wedding pictures to become a family heirloom. The images are not just yours, but for your children and grandchildren.

Every little matters for that picture perfect shot. It might be something small but an important addition to your special day. Whether your wedding is formal, more relaxed or informal, or multicultural, my eyes of perfection and empathetic approach will tell the story of your wedding and capture those priceless moments of emotion. For those looking for traditional posed photographs and a range of group photos, you would perhaps look further. If you are planning a wedding you want to make it a little different, please get in touch, I would love to work with you.

So you need to choose the right wedding photographer, someone who will story tell your day in a style that you love to look at years over years, and a professional photographer you can connect with on a personal level.