Some of the kind words from previous couples

Suzanne & Derek

Thank You Keith!

INCREDIBLE, is the term that we can describe to your wedding photography. We got the best wedding photographer in you when we hired Infokus. True to your identity as a professional photographer you did a marvelous job and we have been through the gallery and are over the moon with your work. Since, you have captured so faithfully and beautifully our special day, we would always be cherishing those moments whenever we see them over again.

We are a huge fan of your work. Receive a huge thank you from us for making the whole wedding photography process so very easy and relaxing on the day which matters us a lot.

Sinead & Barry

Thank You Keith for making our wedding special with your incredible shots!

It has been quite a lot of time for our wedding but we still remember how incredible was your work and commitment towards your work. We can definitely say Keith is a pure professional who delivers the best snaps of your wedding day to make it a moment to remember for ages. Nonetheless, being a true professional photographer he had arranged a meeting with us before the wedding to discuss the finer details. Not just he engaged with us through email and phone calls to discuss the requirements but also made sure that no major question is left for the wedding day and everything is sorted well before that.

The end result was that we received the fabulous work in the form of incredible wedding photographs.

Sharon & Damien

Keith is the man to trust for wedding photography in Ireland. When we booked his time, we realized that we were with the right photographer. He is not just a good communicator but also makes things easier and ideal for wedding photography as he gels well with everyone on the wedding day. At the same time he is knowledgeable and helpful as he offers suggestions about options for better photography. Nonetheless, if you are set for wedding in the coming months, you should definitely look for his services as he is the one takes snaps without disturbing you or anyone else on the wedding day. Those are also the best snaps as they all look natural and candid.

Nuala & Brett

We could have written this testimonial long ago but we got busy soon after our wedding. Anyways, apologies for the delayed thank you email. We are glad that we hired you for our wedding photography as you were the one who made our special day even more special. Your photographs sure made us laugh and they also made us get emotional a little. The fine quality of your photographs tell a lot about your skills and at the same time the delivery of the assignment shows you are a complete professional photographer.

I still remember everyone around us applauded you for your hard work and being able to herd cats when needed. Ever since we shared some of the wedding photographs that you took, we have received huge compliments from everyone in social media. Thanks so much for a wonderful day, we had such a great time and you captured it all quite vividly.

Meabh & Jim

Hi Keith,

We apologize for a bit delayed testimonial as we just arrived back from our honeymoon abroad. However, we must stay you were the most professional wedding photographer that we came across with and just want to say huge Thanks for the candid photography you did for us. We had searched a lot about the best wedding photographer in Ireland and when we hired you, we were happy as we realized you were genuinely interested in making our wedding day special.

We must say you made our wedding day incredibly special as you took some of the best photos that we would always remember. Even our guests were pleased to see a photographer who made sure that none was bothered while photography was happening. We are super excited as we see the amazing shots of the wedding day.
Thank you again!

Johanna & Michael

Hello Keith! We are thankful for your efforts and marvelous wedding photography!

As a happily married couple we are still looking into those candid photographs that you took on our wedding. Whenever discussion comes up, we really think you are incredibly talented wedding photographer in Ireland. It is not just about being professional but also about being focused. You were not just friendly but at the same time made sure that nobody among out guests was bothered unnecessarily while photography was done.

From discussing the detailed plan to the required hours for the photography, you worked with us quite transparently and made sure that we were on the same page. The whole process was so smooth that we still remember you as someone who could be trusted without an iota of doubt. You being a skilled photographer make you incredibly likeable as well. We thank you again for your incredible wedding photography services.

Jenny & Ross

Jenny and I are so happy with the wedding photos you have taken that we cannot tell. As the newly wedded couple we want to thank you for capturing all the special moments from our wedding day. Receive this testimonial from our side as a Thank You Note for your incredible wedding photography services. We have been looking into the photos you took on our wedding day and what we observe is that you have done a lot of work on making them look incredible and fabulous. Not just the camera angle but the post-photography editing tells that you are a complete professional who can be trusted for wedding photography.

We are genuinely delighted to tell you that working with you has been one of the great decisions. Not just that you are incredibly professional but immensely friendly and this all makes you a thorough professional photographer.
Thank you for everything, Keith!

Best regards,
Jenny & Ross

Holly & Pauric

Hello Keith, we are delighted to tell, you are an incredibly talented wedding photographer!!

Although we are little late to write this testimonial, we are definitely sure that we are not the only couple who are happy with your wedding photography. As soon as we arrived home from honeymoon and saw the candid photos from you, we revisited the whole wedding day all over again. After a quick peek at some of the photos on the USB at work today we can say they look great and tell a lot about your photography skills. Each photograph from you is a story in itself and that is what makes you a distinguished photographer in Ireland.

It looks a wonderful journey to work with you. Now, you are definitely a professional who we could trust and recommend to others for their wedding photography in Ireland and elsewhere. Not just that we are the fans of your work but some of the guests who braced the occasion are asking about you as they are quite happy with you the way you carried your professional work on our wedding day.

Thanks again and we hope to see you again in the future!

Donna & Michelle

Hello Keith! Thank you for your WOU photos!!

It has been a great journey working with you. We just arrived from our honeymoon abroad and just got our photos and WOW! They are all incredible photos that look amazing and candid in all manners. I love each of these photos as they are all carrying their stories behind them. You did an amazing job and I can’t thank you enough for this incredible performance.

As we are talking with our guests they are all happy the way you carried the job. Some of our guests are extremely impressed with your professional photography and the way you carried out the job. They are interested in hiring you as well in their upcoming wedding ceremonies. We are thankful that you made us comfortable on the day and we really appreciate it.

Lastly, we could not have asked for anything better!

Catherine & Dave

Thank You Keith!

Whenever we look into our wedding photographs, Incredible is the expression that comes. Such a great collection of photos that we got thanks to your skilled wedding photography that we would cherish them all our life. We were looking for someone who could help us in our wedding photography but we got more than that from you. We just want to appreciate your commitment and sincerity with which you impressed everyone on our wedding day. Everything we have seen so far is honestly just perfect and captured our relationship so well.

We must say that we are extremely grateful for everything you did for us on our wedding day. Everything went so smoothly and nothing was too much trouble when you carried out wedding photography, we could not have demanded anything more.

Thanks again Keith!

Angela & Mary

Amazing wedding photography! Keith is the man we can trust.

We just arrived at our home and saw the photos that you took on our wedding day. There could have nothing been so great than seeing all those photographs that remind us of our special day. We are grateful for your incredible work and wanted to say thank you so much for the amazing job that you did at our wedding day. Not just that you were extremely professional in your work but incredibly innovative makes you a preferred wedding photographer in Ireland.

We must say you were complete professional and friendly, we loved how you took control of the family photos and guided us through our bridal party photos without bothering any of us.


Aileen & Tomas

Thank You Keith for making our wedding a special day in our life!

We knew it well that you were talented photographer when you showed us the work you did before but I can tell you that after our wedding photography, we have fallen in love with your work. Needless to say we want you to know that my passionate love affair with your photos continues and will continue for a long time. This testimonial from us shows that all the photographs are quite beautiful and we still cannot quite get over the way in which you captured all the joy of the day.

We know that you do not need any kind of endorsement or testimonial, but we can just tell everyone that your photos speak for themselves.